Celebrate the United Church of Canada’s 90th birthday!
United Church Canada Turns 90

On June 7th we will be celebrating the United Church’s 90th birthday!  We will start by ringing the church bells 90 times before the service. Everyone will be participating in this festive service with period costumes, video clips, balloons, and a pizza lunch.  A special birthday cake will be available to the entire community outside our front door! Come and join us to celebrate this fantastic milestone.

First Met Donated $2,190 for the Nepal Earthquake Relief
Nepal Earthquake Relief

A big thank you goes out to all of you who donated to the Nepal Earthquake Relief.  Together we collected $2,190 which was sent to the United Church of Canada to be matched by the Canadian government.

Great News for First†Met Sponsored Refugees
First Met Afghan refugees get good news

We have just found out that the two Afghan refugees we are jointly sponsoring have their immigration interview in early June and may arrive in Victoria as soon as mid-June! This is wonderful news since they have been waiting several years for this moment. As sponsors, we are required to cover all their costs for their first year here.

Thanks to you, we have raised over $10,000 at First Met, but we still require an additional $16,000 to meet our target. Pledges will be collected before and after the 11 o’clock service on May 31, June 7 and June 14. For more information contact Kathy Cook at 250-370-0991.

Q1 2015 Results

Full 2014 financial results will be presented to the congregation once they have been reviewed by First†Met’s accounting firm. Despite givings not reaching 25% at the end of Q1 2015, remaining revenues are better than budget. Expenses are slightly over budget for Q1 but overall net income is better than budget.

As well, thank you to everyone who donated to the March World Development Relief campaign. As of March 31st, $4,929 was raised, an increase of almost $850 over the 2014 campaign. Additional donations are always welcome. Donated amounts are sent monthly to the United Church of Canada which are used for overseas development projects, emergency relief efforts, and rehabilitation.

Quarter 1 Givings Total: $118,672
Percentage of Annual Goal: 23%


Fran Pollet Appreciation Day

As we know, our Music Minister, Fran, will be retiring at the end of August. The congregation will host an Appreciation Day on Sunday, June 14. Opportunities to celebrate will include coffee hour following the 9 am service, presentations during the 11 am service, and coffee hour following. Cash Donations toward a gift for Fran will be accepted in the Office.

For more information contact Irene Moore.

Succession Planning Task Group Final Report

The Succession Planning Task Group Report recommendations have been approved by FMUC council. We extend deep thanks to the members of this task group for their dedication and hard work. You are encouraged to read the report to help give you an understanding of the next phase of our transition. A Transition Task Group has been appointed by council to implement the recommendations in the report. Core members of the TTG are Tammy Lindahl, Liane Clark and Clarice Dillman. Others, internally and externally, will be asked to ask help as resources as the process unfolds.

Final Report Document (Updated February 23)

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Download a copy of our newsletter here.

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